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Your one-step financial center!

We will be happy to discuss in detail any of our products and services with you. As an introduction, here are some of the many products and services that FNNB offers. FNNB...your one-stop financial center!

Mortgage Loans

Home financing options include conventional, ARM, and construction.

Home Equity Line of Credit

Your home equity is a valuable resource. Access it for such things as education expense, home improvement, new auto, or medical bills. Checks will be issued for easy access of credit, personal expenses, and student loans.

Commercial Loans

For the purchase and/or development of businesses.

Agricultural Loans

For the purchase or operation of a farm.

Checking Plus

A personal line of credit for overdraft protection.

Checking Accounts

An account to meet every person's needs, personal and business.

Savings Accounts

Personal, Business, Christmas Club, and Vacation Club.

Time Deposits

Certificates of Deposit and Individual Retirement Accounts.

Internet banking

Call First - 1-877-792-0462

The 24-hour Automated Customer Service Representative. From any touch-tone phone you may access your account to transfer funds, check a balance, see if a check has cleared your account, and much more.


A new service that allows person to person payments via mobile/online banking.

Debit Cards | VISA

A plastic card used to make instant purchases with funds used directly from your designated bank account. This card can be utilized when making purchases instead of using cash.

Automatic Payments

Our online banking allows you to set up monthly payments so they will reoccur automatically. Our Personal Bankers can also help you with other forms of automatic payment forms such as ACH transactions.

Bill Pay

Is our electronic bill payment system that operates from both online banking and mobile banking. This allows you to pay bills without writing a check as the transaction occurs electronically.

Mobile Banking

This allows you to bank from your phone. Our mobile banking product allows you to check balances, make transfers, or pay bills. The newest function of this app allows you to make a deposit from your phone using your camera. The mobile product can be utilized in 3 formats, an app, a mobile browser, and SMS text messaging.